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Types of Play

Discovery Playground incorporates play in learning as it is important for cognitive, speech and language, motor and social emotional skills.  By teaching these different types of play we are preparing the children to be able to interact and function in kindergarten classrooms.

Exploratory play - Children discover that they can use their senses to learn about their environment. 

Physical play - Children discover how they use movement and space to learn their place in the environment.

Imaginative play - Children engage in make pretend play such as cleaning, dusting and cooking.

Cognitive play - Children discover the world through observation, asking questions, showing emotions and solving problems.

Symbolic play - Children learn that toys can be used to represent other things.

Our Preschool is led by a Bachelor’s degree level Infant Toddler Specialist (ITS) and at least one support staff.  Our Preschool has the following activities scheduled each day:

Infant Massage

We are now offering Infant Massage classes for parents.

Find out more information HERE.