Plants and Animals

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Bearded Dragon

Meet "Liz", our Bearded Dragon!  She may look scary, but is actually one of the most docile lizards you will ever find.

Preschool Bearded Dragon

Hermit Crab

Meet Abby, our pet Hermit Crab!

Don't worry, she doesn't bite.

preschool hermit crab

Fish Tank

Our fish tank supports a wide variety of fish including tetras, guppies, silver fish, and snails.


Every other month or so, we start with caterpillars that are hatched from eggs in a butterfly nursery that the children keep fed.

Keeping the caterpillars out of direct sunlight, children can watch them eat, grow, and after seven to ten days, form their chrysalides and begin their transformation into butterflies. The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly normally takes two to three weeks: seven to ten days in caterpillar stage, and seven to ten days in chrysalis stage.

Children Observe the Metamorphosis Up Close

We have an observation habitat, which is a cylindrical mesh container measuring 12 inches tall. Once the caterpillars become chrysalides, they can be transferred to the habitat, where they will complete their transformation into adult Painted Lady butterflies. Your child will be excited to keep a close eye on the changing chrysalides and watch this seemingly magical metamorphosis.

Once the butterflies emerge, your child will have lots of fun feeding them and watching them eat. The kit comes with a dropper for squeezing sugar water into the habitat for the butterflies to drink. It is recommended that flowers be placed in the habitat for the butterflies to rest on while they enjoy their meals. Your child will delight in observing the butterflies unfurl their proboscises to suck up the sugar water.

During warmer weather, when temperatures are above 55 degrees, we will release the butterflies into the wild. During the colder months, we keep the fully-grown butterflies in the mesh habitat for their lifespan, which is about two to four weeks.


Our friendly crickets hop in their cage until it's feeding time for the Bearded Dragon...

Frogs and Toads

We have several frogs and toads that help teach our children about swamp life.


Although we don't have any indoor birds, we do have several outside bird feeders and enjoy watching the local wildlife.  The children learn what birds like to eat and where they live.