Snack Time

Preschool snacks

Serving Snack:

  • Children will be provided with individual servings.
  • Children are given two snack choices. (i.e. Goldfish or fruit cup)
  • Only small portions at a time wil be served.
  • Served but uneaten food will be discarded.

Self help skills:

  • Children wash their hands and get seated.
  • Unless specifically requested by the parent, children will learn to drink from a dixie cup.
  • Children are encouraged to use the appropriate eating utensil. (spoons and forks)
  • Children are taught to throw away their trash and help clean up their area.


Preschool snacks

Snack time is an essential part of the curriculum, and can be a great moment for social interaction and learning basic life skills.  The children are encouraged to be self sufficient by serving and cleaning up after themselves. This is also an opportunity for them to make choices and try new foods.

For safety, food is consumed in the snack area, and children should be sitting down to avoid choking hazards. Initially, handwashing and snacktime may seem chaotic, as the children learn new skills, but as the year progresses, the children become more and more competent at the table, and it is a joy to listen to their conversations and see their blossoming independence.

Food Preparation
Due to the increased awareness of food-borne illnesses and the importance of proper hygiene, food must be prepared on the premises.

  • Food must arrive at the Preschool in its original sealed package.
  • All drinks are 100% fruit juice or water
  • All fruits and vegetables must be washed thoroughly at school.
  • All baked goods such as bread or muffins must be prepared at school.
  • Because of allergies, no nuts are allowed
  • Hands must be washed before preparing food, and before serving & eating snack.
  • Garbage is removed at the end of each class.
  • Parents are welcome to provide their own snacks that meet the above guidelines

Preschool snacks

Some children have dietary restrictions or allergies to certain foods, which should be made clear to the teachers at Discovery Playground. By ensuring we are aware of restrictions, we can prepare food for that child that is appropriate.

Discovery Playground is a nut-free (peanuts, etc) environment, so parents should be aware that some of the snacks they buy may contain nuts. Please check the ingredients on all packaging carefully.

Birthday Celebrations

Unless specified by the child's parents / guardians, we will celebrate your child's birthday by having a short special time during snack to sing "Happy Birthday". 

Click for the full Birthday Celebration policy.