Android for Kids

Current Android versions

Android System Requirements:

Step 1:

You first need to download the Java Development Kit: (JDK)

You'll hae the choice between Java SE and Java EE.  I recommend the SE edition:

  • SE:  Standard Edition - what most people use to build Java/Android apps.
  • EE: Enterprise Edition - used to build large-scale enterprise-class applications.

You'll then see that you have several "flavors" of Java to select from:

  • Java JDK - I recommend for now to get this one
  • Java + Netbeans - Netbeans has some cool features but let's learn the basics first!
  • Java FX -
  • Java EE - Again, the enterprise edition, leave this one alone for now.

Java SE Development Kit  (I recommend the 32bit, aka x86)



Step 2:

Eclipse IDE for Java Developers

Select the 32-bit version (even if you have 64 bit Windows!)

Again, many download choices, for us, let's get the 32 bit version of:

Eclipse IDE for Java Developers

Step 3:

Download the ADT Plugin

  1. Start Eclipse, then select Help > Install New Software.
  2. Click Add, in the top-right corner.
  3. In the Add Repository dialog that appears, enter "ADT Plugin" for the Name and the following URL for the Location:


Step 4:

Download the Android Software Developers Kit:

Install this to the c:\android folder